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Click here for Updated Info:  July 2005.

I’ve never been there myself yet but I did surprise my wife and daughter with an extended weekend there a few years ago so I’m gonna turn over the keyboard to Cindy and let her describe her experience in her own words. Honey.....

Bermuda is lovely island that I hope Bob gets a chance to visit someday. I expected Bermuda to be more tropical when in fact, its weather is very similar to South Carolina. It was still very warm and humid in March and had lots of palm trees and beautiful hibiscus in bloom. We stayed at the Sonesta--a very nice, older hotel sitting on the top of a cliff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. To get down to the beach was quite a hike and the beach was tiny with lots of big rocks leading up to it. The water temp was on the chilly side so we didn’t go swimming but I remember in our room was a foil packet with a moist towelette (like KFC hands out) that was to be used for removing the oil and sludge for your feet after walking barefoot on the beach. The many ships had left their mark just like they have done in South Florida on the Atlantic side. Dinner at the hotel restaurant was a little strange, too, as they only had two sittings and a limited menu. Not what I was used to.

The next day was Sunday so we went into town and had lunch at a cute little cafe overlooking the waterfront docks. We got a chance to work on our tans at the same time because we sat out on the balcony. I’ve seen the exact cafe a couple of times in movies shot on location in Bermuda. After lunch, we took a horse drawn buggy tour around the downtown area and our guide pointed out that Bermuda usually looks even better but because the island took a hit from a hurricane the previous season, most of the taller trees were minus their upper branches. By the time our tour was over the downtown area was really hopping with all sorts of shoppers and boaters. (Yes, they really do wear Bermuda shorts. Even bankers.) We must have just beaten the noon rush hour.

Our flight was leaving in the afternoon on Monday and we had some time to kill after checking out of our hotel so we hired a cabbie by the hour (cheap tour rate) to drive us around and see some of the sights. We drove to the highest point on the island and had a great view over the ocean from the base of the old lighthouse. Then on the way down the driver pointed out the houses with the shiny metallic roofs with heavy duty gutters. It seems that fresh water is to be conserved so the islanders would put out huge rain barrels to catch the run-off and then use that water for washing clothes or watering their gardens. From what I saw the people enjoyed a good standard of living as the neighborhoods were very nice and well kept up.

Next stop was the island’s aquarium. It had a lot of tanks showing the marine life around the island but you could tell it was mostly there for the tourists. We still had some time left so we took in the trained dolphin show. Kind of run of the mill but it was nice just to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather.

I’d like to go back someday and take Bob but it’s difficult to arrange flights from Detroit so that he could go, spend a couple of nights and still make it back to work on time.

A couple of notes from Bob on Bermuda.  The official dish on the island is the Bermuda fish.  I think it is also called a Bermuda chub.  The interesting thing about this fish is that sometimes it tastes out of this world.  Other times it is not so good.  I don't know if the season, gender or size makes a difference.  But that's what a local told me as she interned at one of my radio stations in the U.S.  She also told me that families were only allowed to own one car each to keep pollution and traffic in check.

Finally, Bermuda has one of the highest repeat visit rates of all the islands.  But be prepared to pay through the nose for accommodations and book early.  This is a very popular place.

Currency is the Bermuda dollar. No passport or visa needed but raised seal birth certificate is needed.




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